5 Traits of a Leader – Series 1

Transcript of the last QnA session of Day 1 on “Nurturing Leadership” at Mumbai ( April 2016)

Q- How to identify a true master ? What skills would he have, and will those skills be basic for leadership as well?

Well, we could list numerous qualities of a true master. However let me highlight 5 most important attributes a true master would shower upon you.

First – Respecting others.

This is one of the foundational pillars in the making of a master. Yes it holds true for a leader too. Perhaps such a leader has got a complete glimpse of a great wisdom, that every living organism on this planet is tremendously unique and is a creation of the same universal energy that created you and me. So he decides to drop the intelligence based classifications of everything. He looks at every individual as a potentially pure soul. He has chosen to drop the ego of human defined hierarchies and offers the highest levels of respect to every energy who brushes his auras of energy.

Second – Responsibility.

This you may have to listen a little carefully.

Now this is one thing that distinguishes the east from the west. And remember that both schools of thoughts have existed in the past and will exist in the future as well, but they are almost 180 degrees opposite. The east is mind centric, the west remained material centric. The eastern philosophy is to dive deep; the western is to float around superficially, just on the surface. The eastern master takes responsibility of everything that happens to him. If his disciple behaves ruthlessly, the master consciously accepts the fact that somewhere he has not been able to tune his disciple. Something has gone wrong in his giving. That is why eastern masters have been very cautious in life, extremely choosy about their words. He is responsible for his words. Every thought he produces, every word he utters, every action he displays, they have implications on his disciples, and he is aware of it. His intention is not to churn superficial fragile individuals but to deliver poised and balanced citizens for the society. He teaches his disciples, but his teachings are supremely filtered with hard to digest real life situations.

You might have heard about the western ideas of walking over glass and fire etc to get rid of fear. They say that once a person walks over the broken pieces of glasses or walks over burning coal and comes out of it unhurt, it frees the human mind of withholding fears and we open up to other possibilities. One gentleman also says that glass walking is for average performing individuals to perform at peaks. Now by doing all this which fear are you eliminating? Fear of failure or fear of heights or fear of closed spaces or which fear? The facilitator perhaps has blindly bought this idea from some other juvenile motivator and the chain continues. Yes, it does appeal to the modern metro-mentality for a moment. Infact the Heads of large organizations too ask me, sir do you conduct glass walking? Fire walking ? But when I ask them – why? Why do you want to conduct them? They remain clueless. Why do you want your employees to walk on a bed of glasses? Is life all about walking on glass pieces? If it’s a matter of some adventure activity, then yes, it looks good. Else it simply remains as an appeal to the ordinary mind. Leaders don’t follow mass appeals; they intensely reflect over their choices, take risks and takes responsibility of their decisions too.

The employees may scream out. Wow ! I can do it, I have done it. It does rush an adrenaline to the physical body for sure and hence all this hype. Suddenly the so called motivational speaker gives the participants a feeling that till date the fear you have been carrying has been permanently offloaded. All these years you lived a foolish life, today you have realized your true potential.

Eureka Moments !! I can walk over glass, I can walk over fire.

Now thanks to the quick blow-out effect of the rush that happens in you from all such motivational sessions. What if an individual innocently accepts these facts and tries these stunts in his real life? I am 100% sure that the guy will need immediate medical attention. The glass that he walked over, the fire that he walked over is a fake one. The glass had blunt edges, the facilitator has crafted them carefully for you; the colour of fire that you see is of poor heat conducting coals covered with ash. These poor heat conducting coals do not conduct the heat through the thick foot skin in a fraction of a second. It takes a while for the heat to conduct. It is no magic, it’s pure physics- nothing else.

However by faking such unrealistic activities to uncover the human limitations, my limited knowledge says – it can be disastrous. What if this same guy tries to remove the fear of his child at home and breaks glasses and asks him to walk over it? Infact all these facilitators should hand over a disclaimer cum warning to the participants that such kind of stunts should not be tried at home or office. It’s Ok if you have learned it from someone, but it’s important to sit back and reflect over your learning’s. It’s OK that someone taught me something, but if I teach this further – I am responsible for continuing the chain. That’s what a master is aware of, a conscious awareness of every move. Someone taught you how to sleep strategically over a bed of nails, you know the trick, but using this trick to convince people of a cure to cancer is purely an irresponsible act. Well you can make an awful lot of money by exploiting the vulnerability of others like this, but that’s purely an unprincipled way of living.

The eastern master teaches his disciples with the real world examples, no fake games. He would never, in any way succumb to such fraudulent methods just for the sake of few pennies. Perhaps this is the only reason why Buddha’s favourite disciple Ananda remained unenlightened until Buddha’s death. Buddha could have easily told Ananda that you look enlightened now, you have been with me for so many years, now nothing more is needed, just this declaration was remaining and I hereby declare it. Not really! Perhaps Buddha was truly aware of the contraindications of his words. Ananda remained an ordinary monk throughout.

Such materialistic transactions excite the western mind for sure. Have you seen the number of NLP practitioners in India? Trust me, a day will soon come when 1 in 3 Indians will be a NLP certified master practitioner. They are selling it like pop up pills of a medical store. Anybody who attends a session is certified a practitioner. Now this appeals to the ordinary mind. The seller is happy for the money he gets, the buyer is happy for the worthless certification he gets. Once I asked a NLP participant as to why are you doing this course? Pat came her reply, to add value to my profile. At the end of the session she did hand over her profile to me with this modified certification and believe me the profile too many such values. Now this is not her mistake too. The metro-mind is driven by such values in the profile. The human resource leaders are also aping. More the certifications, more the perceived value. One leader, once in a while stands up and says, I’m not going to go through the profiles, I would be more interested in a live interaction with the facilitator.

NLP is no doubt a classic tool to remodel the human mind, but the person can misuse this skill too. It has to be practised with utmost care. It can be used for unlawful activities too. How can you certify anybody and everybody inordinately? The master should handover it with great care. This is perhaps why in the Indian culture, the guru would never formally offer completion of education based on the period of a pupils education. The disciple waits for a time when the master offers him completion. A wait that is worth a wait. The True leader takes responsibility of everything. If his disciple or follower fails, he accepts the responsibility that something went wrong; more is needed in the giving. And if he succeeds, so does he update himself.

Third… Compassion

…………………..to be continued

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The viscous nature of denial of the Human Mind.

I have been trying to pen down my thoughts on the fundamental nature of the human mind – the nature of denial, since more than a week now and today is the day.

It was an Easter day and my son out of sheer innocence came and asked me whether the story that his friend told him about Christ’s death was true. His friend perhaps told him that there are experts in the west who have studied the crucifixion of Christ in detail and have finally concluded that Jesus never died on the cross. I wanted to share my thoughts over it with all and the discussion that ensued is written below.

Ordinarily everyone is in some or the other kind of denial. With more and more progress happening in the world of science, our mind too is acutely scientifically inclined. It wants a scientific proof for everything. The so called super intelligent mind is therefore always in search of scientific proofs now. If you cannot give a scientific proof, the mind would instantly shift to the denying mode. But we need to accept a fundamental truth that life cannot be confined to the boundaries of science, it has a much larger dimension that what we can ordinarily imagine.

Remember life is all about the conscious choices we make on the journey.While one can choose to walk the path in a mode of complete denial. One can also choose to walk this path in a mode of complete acceptance.

That’s the difference between a Freud and a Buddha. The basic foundation of Fruedian theories was to deny, it was a mechanism of defence against external realities that threaten the ego. Understand this – there are many who asked Buddha this question – Is there God? And Buddha would many a times just smile or not even reply at all. Perhaps that question does not carry any significance to the enlightened master. Perhaps that smile spoke a million words. Because deep inside, a Buddha knows that the question is not coming from a seeker, but from a worldly intelligent man. The man is asking the question just to reconfirm with his intellect. And if at all a genuine seeker asks a Buddha this question, he would at the max say, I don’t know, there might be god, there might not be, I cannot deny, but I am yet to experience it.

A Buddha will never deny. He will never say that there is no God. He will in all possibilities say, I am yet to experience him. Because in denial he knows that the being remains closed to possibilities. You may go on denying, but in the denial you don’t allow growth. Growth can happen only when there is acceptance. In denial you have closed your self; you remain negative towards the subject. In acceptance you remain open to millions of possibilities, a possibility of an awakening.

Now let’s agree with the intellectual mind for a moment that the series of events that happened on the day of crucifixion of Christ was fake. But how does that matter to your life. Are you a believer only because he took the sufferings on the cross or are you a believer because the teachings he offered the mortals on this planet was worth an awakening? If you are a believer, then the belief cannot happen from the head, it has to happen from the heart. And when one believes from the heart, when one is intensely in love with the supreme, the intelligence has no place at all. Then it does not matter whether he suffered for 5 minutes or 15 minutes. Then a Da Vinci Code is codeless.  If you love Christ from the core of your heart, all these dissection of facts and figures does not matter. All that should matter to us is that he has offered the world something extremely invaluable – The Holy Bible. If this book can create a new beginning in life, That’s it, then no calculations and no dissection of events should really matter.

There have also been great scholars in India too who have spent years and years of their life in studying the war of Kurukshetra. They argue that the war never took place, they argue that the Gita could not be recited in the middle of the war field.

One might go on denying that the war did not take place, the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna is made-up. But the fundamental question again remains the same. How does it really matter that whether the war took place or not. All that should matter is that Krishna has gifted the world with another invaluable gem – the Gita. If the Gita has the potential to transform millions and millions of lives, all the dissection of events would remain an utter waste of efforts – nothing else.

While it is difficult to open ourselves to the vast infinite, while the mind will play its tricks by trying to demand a scientific logical proof for everything, remember that it is also possible to drop these mind games and remain open to the infinite possibilities in existence.

Remain open to life; be on a constant endeavour to improvise the quality of your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviour and ultimately – your life through various paths. In denial we will fail to experience an inner growth. In acceptance we remain open to the ultimate possibility – An Awakening…….An enlightenment.

God Bless !!!

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The journey is as important as Success

On the concluding day of a Stress Management Workshop in the city of joy (Kolkata) yesterday, a participant walked unto me and said – I thought I had been extremely successful in my professional career till date; however after listening to your ideas on contentment, I think I am not at all contended in life. Although I regularly display all the extraordinary accomplishments on my hat, I seem to be hollow from within.


This is not a rare situation at all. This is infact a feeling that a vast majority of the population on the Earth is engulfed with today. Firstly – one has to understand that success is a relative term and can never be absolute. The materialistic West had its own way of defining success. The Spiritualistic East had its own way of defining success. Both the ideas prevailed on this planet for several thousand years and it seems that the whole world is now turning to the East to embrace their teachings on the secrets of living of a successful life.

If you earn a lot of money you are successful, if you have several degrees in education you are successful, if you have accumulated vast amount of wealth and assets you are successful. These definitions of being successful are changing rapidly and will undeniably change in the near future, since the ordinary man’s level of knowledge is ever increasing in this world of information. This feeling of despair, non contentment is a natural phenomenon since till date we all have been interpreting success from a materialistic point of view. So we all have been running and running to reach that point of success. Every individual with this wonderful gift called life from the creator seems to be on a blind race, running towards a blind spot called Success. Once they achieve the material success, certain people at this destination halt for a while, and remember that there are several others who continue running without such a halt too – simply running, blindly running.

For the ones who halt at the success for a while, there is a possibility of a very significant question, Is this called as Success?  In holding this certificate, in holding this promotion letter, in holding this ownership deal, why am I not feeling a great sense of happiness? Have I reached here too fast and missed something on the way? Is this success more beautiful or was the journey that I missed more beautiful?  I have become a CEO of a MNC, but in this becoming, I have missed my child’s childhood. I want to replay his childhood but by this time the childhood is over, you have crossed the road now. The only thing you can rejoice over is the CEO’s designation nothing else.  Yes! a very relevant question that a sane man will ask himself, Is this what is called as success?

A wonderful poet has summed up this article in two lines.

Manzil pe pahunch ke soch raha hu ab,

(After reaching the so called goal I have realized)

Ke safar me to iss se bhi haseen mukaam they

(they were many beautiful destination on the journey which perhaps I missed)

Remember – Material success is just a fraction of the true success. Infact, success is never for its own sake; ultimately people want success for their happiness and contentment. True success will be everlasting, it will never be episodic. True success can happen only when you have collected all the fragments on the whole. The journey is as important as success. This is what the materialistic world missed. This is what the eastern spiritual masters offered humanity.

An aware man will never run, he will walk, he will enjoy every single moment of his journey. He will pick up every thing that seems precious on the way, he will remain a witness to everything on the way, good and bad he will remain a witness. By and by he will reach his destination. With all the precious collections from the journey, he will hold his success too. This kind of success will definitely have a different quality now. He has not been running blindly, he has been alive and aware throughout this journey and through this awareness he moves ahead. He seems to have dived into life’s ocean rather than running on the periphery. Success seems to be a by product of his wonderful journey and this is what will bring in contentment in success.

I will continue this article on absolute success in my next article.

Om Namah Shivah!!

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Death Consciousness for a superior living !!

…when we finally know we are dying, and all other sentient beings are dying with us, we start to have a burning, almost heartbreaking sense of the fragility and preciousness of each moment and each being, and from this can grow a deep, clear, limitless compassion for all beings. — Sogyal Rinpoche

I have been brought up in an environment where the word – death, has forever remained a prohibited word for normal usage. However as I traversed on the path called life, I somehow stumbled upon a deep understanding that the quality of this journey can be tremendously improved by being aware of the temporal characteristics of life, by being aware that the body that defines me today is, one day or the other going to have a definite end called death.

Imagine that you are informed by your doctor that you have only ten more days to live? Would you continue to live the same way you live today? Would you still continue being inhuman by hurting others with your ego, power, wealth and authority? Would you still curse your wife, would you still punish your child as you do today? Would you still play your foul power games in the society and at work? Chances are that you would drop all this and do things that you always loved to, maybe one last time. Chances are that you will suddenly drop or melt away your so called valueless ego that you have been nurturing within you for years together.

Someone has rightly said that there is a huge difference between a human being and being human. However a vast majority of the population on this planet are living a blind life as if they are immortal beings. They go on playing power games, trying to enslave others through their positions, authority, wealth and might.

I have seen people’s attitude changing from a night to a day, when they are exposed to a glimpse of death, perhaps by a death prone illnesses like a cardiac arrest or a cancer. A violent man suddenly becomes peaceful; a lifetime egoist suddenly becomes all-forgiving. What brings in this drastic change in ones attitude? Suddenly a strange kind of awareness engulfs the self, an awareness of the temporal nature of life. And with the awareness they transform their way of living and suddenly they become loving, kind, caring and compassionate. Deep inside they regret for their dark past and they start experiencing the real nectar of life.  

So remember that it is important for us to understand that life is all-precious because it is temporary, because it is loaned to us and most of us aren’t sure just how much time we have left here with. That’s the reason why I say that we should live with an awareness of death. Living with an awareness of death simply means that you are traversing the path of life with open eyes unlike the ordinary mortals who seem to be running a directionless path and ending this journey called life, as silent slaves of regret. Perhaps with such a consciousness, a realization will strike you as to what truly matters to you in your life. It might not be the job, it might not be money, it might not be your valuable possessions you own today. No body would want to go to work on the last day of their life. May be the longing for a walk with your loved one, May be the urge to ask for forgiveness whom you have caused intentional hurt, maybe to sit and watch the sunset that you have longed to see. That is why I often make it a point to tell all my acquaintances to stop in life for a while. Stop, and make a self enquiry as to what are that things that truly matter to you in your life. Dive into those feelings and make the best of life. From hatred, dive into love. From anger and violence, dive into peace and compassion. From an ordinary rat race dive into a conscious journey. Enjoy little things, love, be happy and experience the bliss of life. So I say – Go slow, Go slow for a while and smell the intense fragrance of life.

That is what distinguishes the eastern philosophy from that of the west. The east has always enriched the minds with the idea of oneness, with a holistic view of life, where we all seem to be a part of the vast whole, where death is not considered to be separate but a part of life. This philosophy has helped us distinguish clearly between the material and the moral, the permanent and the impermanent. Knowing that the material world is impermanent prepares the mind for higher planes of thought.

Only humans are capable of being death conscious. Death consciousness does not mean to live life in the fear of death, infact it means to live a life of exceptional freedom. Freedom from all the worldly vices – Anger, Jealousy, Hatred, Lust, Pride and Desires. Living freely with the qualities of a superior human being. Loving, caring, peaceful, blissful, compassionate, forgiving, acceptance and letting go.

Several enlightened souls who appeared on this planet have offered us lessons in their own versions on how to travel this path with an awareness of the fleeting and fragile nature of life. A consciousness that will balance our actions in the outer world with the wisdom of the inner. Once you live such a balanced life, there is all possibility that you will not fear the end but embrace it with grace.

Live life in awareness. Before every action ask yourself this fundamental question. If I had just a few more days on this planet, would I still continue with this action? The reply should help you direct all your actions in life.
Live Now !!  Live Happy !! That is the only thing that truly matters in Life.

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The True Meaning of Freedom – Are we living a life of Freedom?

I have been pondering over this fundamental human want for quite some time and given below is the transcript of the audio file of a lecture which invited ideas on Freedom, mailed to me by a participant.
Freedom can have infinite definitions from infinite intellects. For some it may be the ability to action as per ones desire without any external restrictions, for some it may be escaping from the clutches of financial stringency, while for some it may be freedom from the eternal quest of the unknown that has tickled man for thousands of millennia’s – The ultimate freedom – Liberation. Freedom incidentally is a progressive phenomenon and the possibility of reaching or understanding the deeper science of freedom can happen only when one consciously nourishes his interpretation of the word, freedom.

Right from the time you are in your mother’s womb, you are in search of freedom. The craving to be free, the craving to experience existence in totality. Cravings in humans does not end there. The next quest for freedom is to move around, to walk and the quest continues. As the child grows up, the family, the society, the educationists keep on drawing restrictions in the child’s living and therefore deep inside the quest to break these man made restrictions intensifies within the child.

So in the initial stages of life you will always find the craving for freedom is from the outside, externally driven. Be that the freedom of movement or freedom of speech or freedom of expression, financial freedom, political freedom, all such cravings of freedom are from the outside, superficial, at the surface, not even skin deep. This is the concept of freedom that the west believes in. Freedom of the body (like freedom to move, to act) to freedom of the mind (like freedom to think, freedom to perceive). Infact freedom for them means to act at will without any hindrance at all. So they feel that yelling – FIRE FIRE inside a packed cinema hall is freedom of expression. They feel that threatening to detonate an imaginary bomb in a plane is freedom of expression. They can call this freedom, but such a kind of freedom is never absolute.

Freedom can be absolute only when it is intertwined with responsibility. At the core of your being rests responsibility, fearlessness, compassion, non judgemental approach etc. The fearlessness I am talking about is not about plunging into fire, but the fearlessness of losing your possessions, being detached, giving up, external opinions and perhaps death. Freedom can be absolute only when the freedom is exercised from the core of your being where responsibility is the bed, where fearlessness is the base, where being non judgemental is the foundation. When an individual tastes the nectar of such a freedom from the cocoon of responsibility he definitely gets to experience absolute freedom, a freedom that goes inside out. Once you reach the core of your consciousness, you will realize that you are absolutely free but shielded by responsibility though.
So now, ordinarily you are free to be angry, you are free to be violent, you are free to exercise your physical might and power on others, you are free to hurt others with acidic words but with a conscious awareness that I am responsible for all these demonic actions that I have chosen to perform. So a person living in awareness does not look at life as a series of incidences, but as a sequence of responsible choices one makes while traversing the path called- LIFE. Its painful to say that a country like India who achieved freedom from the British rule more than 65 years back, is in reality not free at all. Why is it that I say that we are not free yet? The truth is that a large population of this country misused the freedom that was handed over to them by the martyrs of Indian freedom. The people in governance never thought that they were responsible for every action they took that went on to break or make a country called India. I truly believe that only a man who is on a misuse rampage can be bribed, only a man who is at the lowest level of existence will look at a smaller picture and be corrupt and will misuse his position in power. A superior being will look at a larger picture, he will look at a future that is coming, he will look at the benefit of the mass and not just of the self. That is why I say we are still not free; we are still not free from the irresponsible office bearers who were short sighted and filled their personal pockets – nothing else. A possibility of progress can happen only when an inner awakening arises with you that I am responsible for every action I do. I am responsible for the building up of a strong nation, I am a part of the whole. You may deny this truth and continue living life in absolute ignorance like a vast majority.

A man in power will never follow the path of corruption if he is living life of an inner freedom, he will hold himself responsible for every action he takes. A child living in a hostel (free from parental controls) will never walk on the illicit path if he exercises the available freedom on the foundations of responsibility. A man committed to a family will never look elsewhere (although he is free to act his way) if he understands freedom on the basis of responsibility. A senior management professional will never misuse the freedom of negative attendance (late comings not tagged) given to him by his management if he knows that he is responsible for his actions and deeds.

As and how one allows freedom to dive deeper into ones own being, freedom will find a new definition altogether. That is exactly what the ancient Indian sages practiced and documented in the scriptures. They went beyond the freedom of body or the freedom of mind and they unearthed the ultimate freedom to mankind – The freedom from the mind. Buddha calls this state – No Mind. In Zen they call such a state – Mushin.

Looking back in history, a Krishna, a Buddha, a Jesus Christ and all the great masters who appeared on earth truly lived a life in complete freedom. They were aware of the vast potential in them and they perfected their potential to the peak and today 3000 years later humanity still is being benefitted of their responsible thoughts, words and their deeds. Perhaps they were aware that the concept of freedom will ever expand with time and hence they all in one way or the other rightly said that “We are responsible for whatever we are”. Today when the world is witnessing the spectacular send off being offered to the Master Blaster – Sachin Tendulkar, one question will answer it all. How did he exercise his freedom? Infact, you will agree that he was absolutely free to whack his bat in every possible direction his eye could see without being questioned by any, but every knock he has played seemed to come from a exceptionally responsible being. His innings were responsible, his words were responsible, his actions were responsible – his life seems to be an exemplary life – isn’t it?  Infact we are all absolutely free to exercise our will; however it is important for us to agree that we are also responsible for our thoughts, our wills, our desires, our actions, our responses that we make in life. You may go on blaming others for your state of existence, but the harsh truth is that we are responsible for whatever we are and what ever we become.

Live a life of absolute freedom, a life of self responsibility. Free yourself from all kinds of bondages, your beliefs, your judgments, your cravings, your desires, your ego, your religion, your attachments because the ultimate responsibility one has in this life is to purify your inner core, to purify your soul and only through such a purification can you experience the ultimate and the absolute freedom – Liberation.

Walk on the path called life with complete freedom and let responsibility be your shadow always, experience life, experience living!! Keep Walking!!

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Transcend the Divine Desire – Moksha

Aspiring to achieve Moksha seems to be a fashion these days. A child who gets a blurred glimpse of the ancient Indian philosophy of energy chakras in the human body or someone who manages to pick up a book on transcending the human consciousness seems to have only one aspiration in this life – to achieve Moksha. Having explained my views on this divine concept to thousands of my workshop participants, I consciously felt the need of this message to reach the mass and hence this article.

I want to achieve Moksha in this life. People make such statements without even knowing an iota of its divinity – isn’t it? With the number of fake and original saints, gurus, swami’s, avatars etc growing exponentially in this country and the way they go on to create composite sects and cults worldwide, such liberal usage or in real words misuse of this divine word (Moksha) should not come as a surprise to us at all.

One thing we need to understand is that Moksha should never be an aspiration in our life. Moksha should be a sudden happening, a flowering, an outburst out of your intense living. The very aspiration to achieve such a divine state is nothing but a desire again. Just like every ordinary man has a cocoon of material desires (maya) which we generally look upon negatively, the desire to achieve this divine state is no different from the other ones. Some would desire to be rich, some to be fair, some to be tall, some to become a politician and some desire to achieve Moksha. The baseline is that they are all desires – only the goal is different, the path remains the same.

That is the reason why Buddha taught his disciples to ultimately drop every desire – to be desire-less. Buddha explained the highest state of his being as Nirvana. A state of liberation from all bondages, a state of complete freedom – freedom from every desire, every attachment, every possession, every authority. That is perhaps the reason why a Buddha would say to you that there is no God, because if he says that there is a God then you would then aspire to see that God, be with the God, experience God, and the desire remains.

Every village that Buddha passed through, people undoubtedly would ask him this question – what happens after death? And Buddha would calmly reply – Nothing, absolutely nothing, death simply happens. He was aware of the reason behind that question. He knows you are diseased of getting hooked to desires. Desires of this life are not enough, so you want to get hooked to desires of the next life, and the next life. So a Buddha would never talk about Moksha, Heaven or Hell, since he teaches you to drop all desires and live a life of complete freedom.

Do not get hooked to any such desire because every desire is a bondage, every desire will limit you from a life of freedom. Infact our attempt in life should be to enjoy every single moment that we encounter in life. Our attempt in life should be to dive into happiness, go into deeper states of love, merge with the vast through a celebration, and through such an intense living you will effortlessly transcend to superior levels of consciousness. A Moksha might happen, might not happen, don’t worry. If your present life is filled with happiness, peace, truth, forgiveness, love, oneness and compassion then you have already opened the gates of Moksha, you have not only reached Moksha, but you have also transcended Moksha and you get to taste the real nectar of life. You don’t even have to knock on the gates, the gates have opened and you are already in. Without even hoping to be there, you have arrived.

Remember, every longing will only bind you, so drop every desire, drop every longing, every attachment. Live life in the present – passionately, lovingly, peacefully, and forgivingly. Live life moment by moment, grow moment by moment, celebrate moment by moment, this will by and by nurture your consciousness. Welcome the present and embrace every state of your existence. This is truthful living, this is conscious living, this is blissful living and this is sat-chit-ananda.

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Why are demonic activities rampant in our society today ?

Just around a time when an upset and a furious nation is retaliating chaotically to the shameless & brutal Delhi gang rape, its never late for each one of us to STOP for few moments in our busy lives and contemplate over these simple questions – Why do people rape ? Will death sentence to a rapist help eliminate incidences of rapes in our society? Why is it that the new generation has strangely decided to follow the path of violence? Gun attacks in schools, repeated rape incidents, teachers molesting students, soldiers beheading soldiers, where are we heading towards? Is there a way out?

Let’s look at the Delhi gang rape incidence for instance. While sentencing the accused to death or castrating the accused or bestowing any such harsh options definitely seems to be a quick fix, however the fundamental issue that our modern society faces is far deep rooted than what we might even think it is.
We have to accept that we are all, in some way or the other responsible for such incidences in the society. Infact our education system is also responsible for such barbarous incidences in today’s world. Education in today’s world means stuffing oneself with information – nothing else.

One of the prime reasons for occurrences of rapes in our society is because deep inside we are disrespectful towards women. The so called rapist was not born in Mars, he too was born as an innocent child to a mother in a family. His upbringing in life has contributed to his current state of existence. This demonic nature has not come overnight; it is the result of his experiences in this world for many years. 

A girl child is considered as a liability while a boy child is an asset to a family, a mother pampers her boy child while she abuses her daughter on every possible situation. A wife is nothing but an object purchased by a man for permanent physical gratification, cooking and rearing kids. Women in some cultures in India are considered as cursed creations of god. Millions and Millions of men throw away their hands irresponsibly onto their wives for the pettiest of reasons at home. Domestic violence and divorces has become rampant in our society today. Understand this fact that the child to such parents remains a

The modern western culture has done more bad than good. It has only helped us realize and experience external well being. We need to understand that only the external well being in a human life won’t help, you would be permanently imbalanced. A conscious effort towards an inner well being and the external well being will bring in a balance in our lives. As I have mentioned in the previous article, the whole of existence is thoroughly imbalanced with the rise in Tamasic and Rajasic Guna’s within us.

Punishments might work temporarily in containing these incidences, but only an inner transformation in each one of us will help in uprooting these demonic actions from our society. Educational institutes must not just be involved in stuffing information’s in a childs brain; instead they should consciously work upon offering the students with holistic lessons of spirituality, yoga and life transformational lessons from the Vedas.

Parents must educate their children to respect the opposite gender. Parents must teach the child to be responsible for every action they do. A day will soon come when we would be able to minimize these brutal actions if not eliminate them. A day will soon come when a common mans ultimate goal in life would be to balance his rajasic and tamasic gunas and elevate himself to higher levels of satvic gunas or even beyond all the gunas and become – gunaaateeth (beyond Guna’s).

Praying for a transformed India ……God Bless.     

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