Why are demonic activities rampant in our society today ?

Just around a time when an upset and a furious nation is retaliating chaotically to the shameless & brutal Delhi gang rape, its never late for each one of us to STOP for few moments in our busy lives and contemplate over these simple questions – Why do people rape ? Will death sentence to a rapist help eliminate incidences of rapes in our society? Why is it that the new generation has strangely decided to follow the path of violence? Gun attacks in schools, repeated rape incidents, teachers molesting students, soldiers beheading soldiers, where are we heading towards? Is there a way out?

Let’s look at the Delhi gang rape incidence for instance. While sentencing the accused to death or castrating the accused or bestowing any such harsh options definitely seems to be a quick fix, however the fundamental issue that our modern society faces is far deep rooted than what we might even think it is.
We have to accept that we are all, in some way or the other responsible for such incidences in the society. Infact our education system is also responsible for such barbarous incidences in today’s world. Education in today’s world means stuffing oneself with information – nothing else.

One of the prime reasons for occurrences of rapes in our society is because deep inside we are disrespectful towards women. The so called rapist was not born in Mars, he too was born as an innocent child to a mother in a family. His upbringing in life has contributed to his current state of existence. This demonic nature has not come overnight; it is the result of his experiences in this world for many years. 

A girl child is considered as a liability while a boy child is an asset to a family, a mother pampers her boy child while she abuses her daughter on every possible situation. A wife is nothing but an object purchased by a man for permanent physical gratification, cooking and rearing kids. Women in some cultures in India are considered as cursed creations of god. Millions and Millions of men throw away their hands irresponsibly onto their wives for the pettiest of reasons at home. Domestic violence and divorces has become rampant in our society today. Understand this fact that the child to such parents remains a

The modern western culture has done more bad than good. It has only helped us realize and experience external well being. We need to understand that only the external well being in a human life won’t help, you would be permanently imbalanced. A conscious effort towards an inner well being and the external well being will bring in a balance in our lives. As I have mentioned in the previous article, the whole of existence is thoroughly imbalanced with the rise in Tamasic and Rajasic Guna’s within us.

Punishments might work temporarily in containing these incidences, but only an inner transformation in each one of us will help in uprooting these demonic actions from our society. Educational institutes must not just be involved in stuffing information’s in a childs brain; instead they should consciously work upon offering the students with holistic lessons of spirituality, yoga and life transformational lessons from the Vedas.

Parents must educate their children to respect the opposite gender. Parents must teach the child to be responsible for every action they do. A day will soon come when we would be able to minimize these brutal actions if not eliminate them. A day will soon come when a common mans ultimate goal in life would be to balance his rajasic and tamasic gunas and elevate himself to higher levels of satvic gunas or even beyond all the gunas and become – gunaaateeth (beyond Guna’s).

Praying for a transformed India ……God Bless.     


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