From Problems to Possibilities – A Life worth Living

Why do we feel Miserable??

You failed in your examinations, your girlfriend decides to call it quits to your 5 year old relationship, your marriage or engagement is called off on the penultimate day, your employer offers you a pink slip on a sunny friday, you lose a business contract that was to decide whether life would continue. What would be your normal reaction to any of the above situations? You are shattered, you are in tears, agony, you feel like broken from within into a thousands pieces, you feel like a loser (depression as per the modern day psychologists). Suddenly life loses all its charm, life seems meaningless, your feel miserable – isn’t it? This is the situation that almost every human being is in. We have all been taught to live life this way and unfortunately we also strongly believe that this is the only way too. We have been conditioned to live life through a set of proven and established patterns which ultimately becomes our attitude in life. Our self experiences, the lessons taught by our parents, teachers, religious priests have all solidified as a hard mass which performs the role of a database for our mind. So every situation that confronts you is evaluated and reacted to, from this database. We fail to look beyond this database. Is an alternative response possible? The answer is always a definite NO. We prefer to continue reacting in life and not responding. Response is a conscious effort, reaction is an unconscious action.

Understand that every time you feel miserable or depressed, a dark cloud of negativity engulfs you (you may call it an aura – that’s fine). So naturally when a trying situation confronts you, your reaction is almost a universal reaction – to revolt. You are at war with this situation now, anger overpowers you and dark negative clouds swallow you into its belly. Scientifically you might ask for a proof for this dark cloud effect and you may upfront deny this fact, but understand that this denial is also from your limited database, your fragile ego that you have built on few borrowed worldly knowledge. Understand that every denial is in a way negative and it comes from the ego. The atheist denies the existence of god; he denies it from his ego, nothing else. The believer denies the atheist; again that denial is from his ego. If you ask a Buddha, is there god? You will be surprised with his response. A Buddha will not deny the existence of a god, neither will he say that there is god, he will just say – I don’t know, I have not experienced god yet. There may be, there may not be – I am yet to experience.

Why do you feel very low after you return from a burial ceremony? Why do you feel elated and fresh when you meet your beloved? It is nothing but the effect of external negative and positive clouds over your inner being. Several people mourning together will create an intense negative atmosphere and vice versa. Your success in life, the quality of your life, your reappearance on this planet, will all depend on how long you have been able to maintain the positive clouds around you. How intensely conscious were you to avoid these dark clouds invade you? How creative were you to consciously shift your focus from problems to possibilities.

Imagine 5 men trying to fight and win against 100 strong men. Your ordinary response would be to avoid such a fight or withdraw your decision to fight since a defeat is inevitable. But a creative mind will go beyond his limited database and explore the vast unlimited possibilities available for a possible victory from a positive mindset. Krishna’s life history offers several such examples of exemplary creative thinking and positively looking forward to infinite possibilities to a finite problem.

You wouldn’t have been reading this article if it was not for the creative thinking of Charles Babbage to invent computing machines. Perhaps Babbage could not proceed in his project and taste success since his project called for large and complex computing. His project was stuck, he had reached a dead end, and the computations that his project demanded would take him hundreds of year to complete. I am sure that he would not have sobbed over the roadblocks, instead he would have shifted his focus from the roadblock into a positive world of creative possibilities and solutions. He went on to create a machine that would do the task in a few seconds which otherwise would have taken him decades to solve.

This is the positive cloud I am talking about – Being in search of a positive possibility, being creative.

I am reminded of a Zen story: Long ago there were three Chinese mystics; nobody knew them by their names. They were known as the ‘Three Laughing angels’ or some even called them the Laughing Buddha’s. They never did anything else; they simply laughed. They used to move from one town to another, laughing. They would stand in the market place and have a good belly laugh. The entire markets attention would be drawn by them. People would gather around them, the shopkeepers, the buyers, everyone would come to have a glimpse of them. The market people would get so engrossed in their laugh that they would even forget the reason they came to the market for. Their laugh was so infectious that the entire environment of the market would light up with laughter. A few minutes before this same market was an ugly place full of people with greed, jealousy and money hungry beasts. Suddenly their laughter would wash away this environment with a fresh fragrance. For a few moments, the market would look like a heaven on earth, laughter everywhere.

They practiced this everywhere they went. Every market, every home, every village they visited would be infected by their laughter. One day while staying in a village it suddenly happened that one among the three Laughing Buddha’s died. The whole village gathered and they were eagerly waiting to see the response of the other two. Some even discussed that all these years these three angels have been spreading laughter everywhere, not lets see how they laugh. Their friend has died, now they should weep. But when the two angels came, they were laughing away to glory, they were dancing and they were celebrating his death. Now this was too much, how can someone be so disrespectful, this is insanity – the villagers yelled. Suddenly one of the laughing Buddha paused his laughter and said, hey listen – you all do not know what has really happened. All throughout our association, we often discussed who would die first. Today this man has won and we are defeated. Our whole life we have laughed with him, how can we ever think of sending him off without laughter? This is the least we can do for a man who has laughed and celebrated his whole life and if we do not laugh, this man in all possibilities will reappear to us and mock over us and say – You idiots! You have again fallen into the trap? Do you know who was he? He was no body, he was life, he was laughter, he was celebration. How can laughter ever die? No impossible. The story goes on, however what is of importance is about their approach towards death. Ordinarily death is considered to be a negative event, when someone dies, one has to cry, weep and mourn over it. This has been followed by humanity for millions of years now. Strangely these three laughing angels opened a whole new world of possibility – celebrating death. In a way they are absolutely true, No death is death, every death opens a new door, a new beginning. Life never ends, it is a continuous process, a new beginning. So one can stop looking at the problem and in turn shift his focus on the opportunity and this is what is called creativity.

Existence has gifted you with the divine ability to create. So everything that happens to you in your life is just an output of your creations – mind it. You have to accept it and be responsible for it. Nobody else can be held responsible for it, not even your god. Negative clouds are your creation; positive clouds are also your creation. Negative clouds will always attract similar charged clouds. Have you ever observed that a gossip can happen only when two negative minds meet each other? Even if one mind is positive and engulfed with white clouds – gossip can never exist in such a milieu. Anger, lust, obsession, greed, jealousy, exploitation, desire, craving, hankerings are all harbingers of the dark negative clouds. Your success in any dimension of life solely depends on the clouds that engulfs you and remember that the clouds are all your creations. I am not talking about any monitory success; the success I am talking about is your inner success, the success of developing a clear consciousness. If you enter into a relationship with suspicion, that relationship will never bloom. If you enter into a venture or a task or even a job with a sceptical mindset, there is all possibility that you will not succeed and the same applies to every other aspect of life.

Remember that every time you feel miserable; don’t panic, do not weep or moan, try to respond to life from a conscious approach. Be in search of a positive possibility, be creative, create possibilities. Your partner dumping you or your employer firing you is not the end of the world, infact it could be the beginning of a new life and new beginning.

When someone leaves you, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your story. It just means that their chapter is over and you need to start a fresh chapter of the book called life.

Your approach towards life, your experiences in life can turn upside down in a moment, just by creatively shifting your focus from a problem to a range of possibilities. Sporadically, you will then find instances in your life where your mind expands to see more possibilities of what could be for your life. More possibilities to meet new people, make more money, discover new paths, etc. This kind of ability, of seeing more of what could be, despite the current situation is so the key to a successful life.

Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities. A day for a night, a life for every death, a valley for every mountain, so is the rule of nature. It’s all about living and experiencing them consciously by creating and attracting positive clouds around you.

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From Desperation to Depression – The Pathless Path

Statistics say that 25% of the worlds population are on medication for mental illness.
This is really a scary state, it means that the remaining 75% are running around with no medication at all !!!

25 cases of suicides and still counting, in the last 14 days in a small city called Mumbai in India. Sounds like an alarming state of human existence, isn’t it? Clinical psychologists, life counsellors, psychoanalysts’, psychologists, parents, everyone is working on this dehumanizing infection called depression and they are all busy presenting superficial solutions that either fit into their professional deliverables or they end up recommending a quick drug that would display a tangible difference in the affected person within few days itself.

In this fast moving world, a ruthless world filled with anxiety, insecurity, chaos, cruelty and competition – depression is hovering over humanity and is threateningly prevailing in every existing society like the common cold. The dark clouds of depression engulf almost every individual on this planet. It infuses a strange feeling into their being that would drown them into deep states that devour the true reality of existence. What am I living for? What is the purpose of life? No one cares for me; my existence is not significant at all, if these questions brush you ever in life, you are all set to embark on a journey of desperation.

Don’t misunderstand depression with desperation. It is important for us to understand desperation first, rather than depression. If desperation is the womb, depression is the child. Depression can only be born out of a desperation, else depression can never exist. A time comes in everyone’s life, when a kind of drowning feeling creeps into your being and suddenly memories of all the pains, sufferings, setbacks, miseries and intense emotions of your past lashes into your mind like an avalanche and drags you deeper and deeper into the abyss of miseries until you lose all the desire to live. A strange emptiness that is devoid of all feelings overpowers your sane mind and uproots the sacred tree called life. Definitely, every individual experiences this feeling at least for a split second in his life, but what differentiates most of us from the ones tagged as depressed is that in such moments, we fight back with these drowning emotions called desperation to gain back our equilibrium , but not everyone succeeds in this fight. 99% of humanity is in a state of desperation in some way or the other. Now this desperation can appear in various forms; craving for success, women, pleasure, wealth, possessions, power, designations, status, dominance etc and they are all just different forms of desperation.

Desperation usually has its roots in deep seated psychological factors such as your upbringing, parental relationships, relationship with friends, siblings and parents, your childhood traumas and fantasies. Desperation is not a new disease at all, at least to the eastern world. The Vedas and the Upanishads written over ten thousand years back addresses every kind of desperation that can possibly attack your being and they have documented as to how to overpower this illness through yoga sutras to dhyaana sutras or meditation, however the modern society is strangely ignorant to these sutras. Nerve numbing drugs never appear in any of the texts as a remedy for desperation though its effects are quick and substantial.

With the rapid advancement of technology and cultures vanishing like an evening cloud, the modern man has really misunderstood life’s journey to a blind marathon. Every individual is on a ruthless run, in an attempt to amass wealth, to achieve material possessions and comforts. Now who is responsible for this blind runner? Your parents, your teachers, your society every body has their share of shaping you into a blind runner. Every parent wants their child to be the 1st in his class. Winning is appreciated, that’s fine, but the sad part is the losing is strongly condemned. So the child only knows that he has to win, if he loses he will be condemned, so he has a great fear, a phobia of losing, of failing. Naturally the child tries to identify himself with success, with victories and hence every child is trying to cling to this state.

Unfortunately nature is indifferent to all these modernizations and advancements. Nature has its own way of bringing in balance and equilibrium. A day for a night, a summer for a winter, a life for a death and it goes on. Man has lost his connect with nature, the modern man has only learnt to manage success and when nature brings in failure he refuses to face it, he denies to shake hands with failure, he has not learnt the art of embracing failure, so he tries to cling to success, he tries to hold on to it, he wants to possess it and when truth hits him, it hits him hard, then he becomes desperate.

When you are in a state of desperation, you become weak from inside, your mental faculty becomes drained and so you try to look for external strength, for external support and you try to identify yourself with the external. This is what I call – Identification. You ignore your self, your core, your inner strength and you try to cling to the external. You feel a strange emptiness within you and you are desperate to fill that emptiness. Now you have made yourself vulnerable even to the whistling wind. Whoever comes across your life can overpower you now. Now Sex, Wealth, Power, Status, Ranks, Alcohol, Drugs, all these ordinary worldly objects are needed to fill this emptiness. An ordinary woman can be more than your life to you now. Your unrealistic dreams can be more important than your life now. Life takes a back seat and your worldly identifications blankets it in such a away that even you are unable to see the reality – your life.

Wealth, fame, possessions, status, degrees, designations are all worldly identifications, nothing else. Detachment from these identifications will make us desperate and hence we are all desperate to continue life in this current state, losing them is unimaginable, coz we have a deep rooted phobia of losing. That is why you will find those celebrities, film stars, politicians, famous personalities or even an ordinary cop becoming a prey to depression early in their lives. They cannot drop their identification, their power, their life style, their fame, they cling to it, but a day comes when they have to face the reverse side of his identification too, some will have to part away with their beloved, some with will have to part ways with the top spot, fame, wealth, luxury and then they become desperate and through this desperation, they slowly but surely enter into the world of depression.

Identifying yourself with anything by dishonouring your precious self is desperation. Living a life of complete acceptance is the only way to get rid of desperation. What is with you is yours now, what is not with you is not yours anymore. The woman who was with you till yesterday is not with you today, the designation you held until yesterday is not valid anymore today, the dream that you were carrying till yesterday is shattered into pieces today, the child whom you loved more than your life doesn’t love you anymore, accept it, embrace it and celebrate. Gather courage to face adversities; for every darkness there is a light, for every night there is a day. Drop all your cravings of being identified; search for happiness in your current state of living and you will realize how wonderful a journey is this, which we call – life. No need to run this race, walk gracefully, enjoy everything that is on the way. In between, once in a while, stop on the way, relax, look within, look for peace, look for silence, meditate and taste the nectar of life. Once you have a taste of the nectar, no desperation, no depression can exist around you.

Its time for an awakening in our lives, its time we raise our consciousness to a superior level where there is no race, no blindness, no competition but a graceful acceptance of everything. Understanding and accepting that losses, failures and adversities are mere phases of life can help life take precedence over all worldly identifications. As you celebrate for your accomplishments, embrace your failures too. Remember the life saving adage – This too shall pass. Everything is temporary, only life is permanent, life is precious and you cannot escape life. Managing this life is your responsibility and only a life well lived offers you a possibility of a moksha (liberation) from the eternal wheel of life and death. Welcome to the world of conscious living.

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Wake up – Wake up – Life is calling !!!

Ordinarily, we are born, we eat, we excrete, we live life and then we die. In between we also play games of power, sex, pride, ego and comparisons. Every breathing being on this planet has in some way fallen a prey to a range of life weakening traits like greed, pride, desire, jealousy, infatuation, anger, false ego and few other negative traits. Infact the very first statement of this article is in a way inappropriate, that “we live life and then we die”.  The right statement would be that, most of us live an unconscious life and then we die.

Ask yourself a few simple questions and the result would decide your current state of existence, conscious or unconscious. What happens when failure strikes you? Do you feel low and depressed initially and then recover with time or do you embrace failure with grace. You discover that your spouse or your fiancée or your beloved is offering their love to someone else other than you? Would you feel shattered? Would that situation instill anger or revenge in you or would you let go? Your child fails in the school or college, would you set your temperament loose or will you maintain your tranquillity and try to look at a larger picture? If you find yourself saying yes, to many of former options, you might want to consider trying conscious living.

Your answers to these simple everyday life questions will confirm that your existence on this planet is way far away from a conscious state. We are nothing but slaves of our thoughts and emotions. We do not act, we react. We are simple executors of external commands, without applying any rational filtration to our thoughts or emotions. It is not we who live this life, it is our thoughts and emotions who enjoy living their life’s, we just remain a medium of action and nothing else. We have matched our status to that of a computer software operated machine, the software decides what action should happen next and we remain slaves of all these life weakening traits till the end of our life.

Someone proves us wrong and we get angry, we become revengeful, don’t we? Every individual seems to be on a race to reach the zenith of prosperity, becoming a millionaire, everybody is dreaming of becoming the topmost head, the head of the society, the head of an institution, the head of a company, nothing less would do. We all are running a blind marathon, and while running this blind race we don’t care how many get hurt, how many get crumpled under our feet or how many die. We are not bothered about anybody else; our only concern is to reach our goal, a goal of being at the top, the best, the #1. But deep inside, even this blind runner is not aware, what exactly his goal is, how does the goal look like? The ones gifted with a decent span of existence (typically above 65 years of life)  on this planet definitely to some extent realizes the futility of this blind race and gives up this run towards the fag end of his life. A strange realization strikes him, but such a man is also not a free man, he continues to travel on life’s path with loads of guilt accumulated from his blind run of the past.

The intent of this article is only to help each one of us realize that we are gifted with a mysterious choice, to live a conscious or an unconscious life. Life’s journey travelled with the burden of any of these life weakeners is not a life lived at all. Such a kind of living is what I call as an unconscious living. I am reminded of a very beautiful and meaningful song sung by late Kishore Kumar in the early 70’s.

Aise Jeevan bhi hai, jo jiye hi nahi.

Jinko Jeene se pahele hi mauth aa gaya.

 Don’t be surprised to know that 99% of humanity bids adieu to this planet by continuing to remain in a state of unconsciousness. They are busy playing power games, busy in their cravings for wealth and physical pleasure, busy earning fame, superiority, designations and buttering their false ego’s that never had its existence. A large number in the balance 1%, awaken themselves with a sudden realization of life in the last lap of their journey of life, and a very miniscule number or humans choose to live a conscious life quite early in the journey. Such a person, who has chosen to live a conscious life, way before the customary rest will have a different quality of existence, he will definitely face the ultimate truth of existence– death, with a divine contentment, an inexplicable ecstasy, such a beings consciousness will be extreme and inconceivable.

You don’t have to practice doing any arm twisting postures or even attend a university to learn the art of living life consciously. Living life consciously in simple words means, that we choose to take charge of our life; we route everything that emanates from our unconscious being through our conscious being now. No matter which life threatening thoughts or feelings or emotions stand face to face with your consciousness, your consciousness has the power to choose and decide on making conscious actions rather than automated reactions.

Conscious actions will always radiate a quality of totality, completeness. Your child spilled water over your latest iPhone, you latest love – anger is the first emotion that erupts out of your turbulent mind, isn’t it? Anger has arrived, that’s fine, but when anger is held face to face with your conscious being, you look at it, you evaluate it, you consciously decide whether its anger who rules you or you rule over anger. The child who spilled water by mistake is already in a lower state of life now, and you are powerful enough to punish him and inflict pain, you have anger as your companion with you now, but your consciousness is gigantic, it evaluates the outcome of every action it takes. Will punishing help the iPhone return to normalcy? Or is that punishment a subtle ego satisfier for your self? A conscious being will chose from a range of possible actions, an action that will yield a result that is inherently beautiful and bloodless.  

I have always recommended this act and it has infact turned out to be successful mantras for thousands of individuals, to enable them take a leap into conscious living – attend a funeral every time you get an opportunity. Death has the extraordinary power to hit you hard and bring you back from your unconsciousness to consciousness. The mortal remains or the dead body has the unusual power to make you stand in the questioning box and ask you that:

If this is also the kind of end you would arrive to, then what kind of pride are you carrying for your wealth or richness?

If your end is no different than this state, then what kind of pride are you carrying for your beauty? 

If this is your ultimate state, then what kind of pride are you carrying for your knowledge and intelligence?

You should have goals, I am not against success, I am not against goals, you should aim to go higher, you should aspire for a better state, but all your goals and aspirations should be from your conscious self, your goals should be such that you achieve them without playing cunning tricks, painful power games, without harming others. All your blind goals of life smell blood in it. You success is not a real success; if it has been at the cost of someone else’s suffering. Goals achieved by a conscious being will have a unique peace in it, a silent beauty, a soothing aroma.

Oh Come back, Come back – Life is calling. Drop your pride, your ego, your identifications. Drop everything that is buttering your ego. Drop your anger, your jealousy, your grudges, you revengefulness, drop them and march ahead in life with grace – Mind it, life is too short to live.

Conscious living means, you live life here and now, you live life through awareness. You have chosen to blossom in life. You were born as a bud with the potential of flowering and now you have chosen to blossom unlike others who choose to remain a bud. That is what I call conscious living. You enjoy your breathing, your walking. You dance, you sing, every action fills your being with more life. Every action also ensures that it does not pain the other, it does not exploit the other, it does not belittle the other. Then your life is in tremendous harmony with existence. Then your whole life is filled with the nectar of divinity.

Drop your pride, your ego, your designations, your identifications and bring in awareness, be conscious of every action, act but do not react, bring in silence, love, peace and tranquillity.  Once you find silence, peace, love residing within you, then you will experience oneness, you dissolve into the greater whole and you find yourself in tremendous oneness with the whole of existence and this experience is the only fruit of conscious living – welcome to the world of conscious living.

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Karma – From a modern day perspective

Perhaps the word “karma” (meaning action – in Sanskrit) is unarguably one of the most commonly used words in the modern world today. Though this word was for thousands of years, confined to the east, today the usage of this word is far more frequent in the western world than in the east (the land where this word originated from).

There are numerous schools of thought prevalent in our existing world as far as the word “karma” is concerned. From Hinduism to Jainism to Buddhism, every religion has in their own way extensively documented their versions on this subject. Hence this subject can be viewed and evaluated from a range of dimensions that can possibly result into a silent inner conflict within us. Infact a majority of the schools of thought have gone to explain this concept on the foundations of reincarnation (avatar), past life’s and even rebirths. From the Law of Cause and Effect, to accumulated karmic tendencies of previous life’s, volumes over volumes of documentations are available for a common man’s reference to understand the fundamentals of a karmic effect.

Every modern day guru has in his or her own way tried to convince their followers and disciples on the effects of an individual’s karma. They easily claim and prove science or even physics wrong; they can rubbish all your scientific and logical questionings with mind numbing doctrines that are beyond any science. Much of these explanations have been effortlessly imbibed by the being without the slightest of resistance in the past. But as man started accumulating knowledge, from the moment his intelligence transcended to higher levels and from the day he earned the courage to question existing supernatural beliefs and doctrines from a logical perspective, the very foundation of their explanations started showing up its fragility from within. 

You say something rude and subsequently bang your head or slip from the stairs or bite your tongue – that’s karma. Your boss wrongfully fires you from a job and a few days later his wife has a miscarriage – that’s karma. If you find an infant crawling naked on the street and you ask a god man as to why is that child deprived from the bare necessities of life, his reply would almost always be an unequivocal answer – His accumulated Karmic past. Whatever effect you experience in this life is either the result of your present life karma’s or they could also be a cumulative effect of your past life karma’s. So in a gist, to understand karma – if your actions are good, then your karmic balance will have goodness in excess and if your actions are bad, you are bound to accumulate a negative karmic balance. Not only this, your karmic balance is carried forward from previous life’s to your current life and this balance continues to be carried forward in every life we take until we are liberated from the wheels of life’s and deaths. This is a quick way of explaining karma in the shortest possible way.

I am in no way claiming the fallacy of this word; it is up to you to decide once you have a clear understanding of karma from various dimensions of ones life’s experiences. While I was pondering and convincing myself on the legitimacy of this supernatural subject a few days ago, I somehow wasn’t able to find a logical answer to some of my inner questions. 

If Muammar Gadaffi or a Saddam Hussain was gifted with a ruthless exit from this planet, it seems that karma works. Nira Radia shuts her firm overnight and descends to the same level she was a few years ago, Raja, Kanimozhi and her colleagues appear in tears in the front pages of every newspaper – isn’t it true then, that karma works? But on the hind side, if Socrates was forced to drink the hemlock (poison) for being far radical in his philosophies for his time, if a mahatma is assassinated in broad day light or if a Christ is crucified for no specific fault of his, then karma seems to be malfunctioning, or was this treatment the effect of their past karma’s? Further, if the modern day politicians, the ruthless medical practitioners, ordinary managers playing shrewd power games, corrupt officials at every level in the society, countless fake baba’s and bloodless godman’s openly ruining lives of the innocents, if they can all live a scot-free life, if they are all living a life in abundance at the cost of the unprivileged, why is that karma is not able to whisk even a faint effect to the causes (gravely awful and unforgivable) in the life’s of these otherwise punishable individuals?


Now what we discuss further is of great significance. Ordinarily a belief in any kind of supernaturalism can give great personal psychological comfort to oneself. Therefore it is easy to convince an ordinary intelligence that the effect of ones negative karma would appear in their next life if not in this life, but that is in no way a provable or even convincing to a mind that is in pursuit of the ultimate truth. The truth is that death still remains a subjective concept to us and not an experience. No one on earth till date has been able to describe the experience of death, so any kind of experience after death definitely remains a magnified mystery to any living individual on this planet.

Karma has to be understood in a deeper sense; the word karma has to be comprehended beyond actions. Understand that a negative effect of karma on the physical body happens only and only when the energy radiated from the physical body is negative. This energy that is radiated from your physical body is very close to the concept of aura or the etheric body. Infact this energy that the physical body emanates has hardly to do anything with ones actions. For example, a butcher might go on killing animals all his life, but the energy that emanates from his physical body might not be negative at all. He has never even conceived that his actions are ruthless or sinful. Unless he does not categorize his actions as sinful or wrong, he has all the possibilities of becoming a realized soul like any other living individual on this planet. Scriptures mention that even a ruthless mass murderer called Angulimala was enlightened in a single moment. 

So if a politician or a gangster has never even visited their consciousness to categorize their actions as good or bad, their physical body would in no way radiate a negative energy. This is perhaps the only reason why these kinds of people live a normal life like any other being. On the other hand, the ones who get jailed or punished or even crucified under the hands of law is just an accidental effect, they have become preys of a collective consciousness.


One might ask a fundamental but apt question here, then why can’t we live life the cruel way, why do we have to be good at all. The answer is a simple – Yes. If your visit on this planet was purposeless, you may go on living the animalistic way. But the day you realize that your existence has a purpose, the day you realize that you were born with a tremendous capability of blossoming yours as well as others lives, the day you understand the fact that even your child’s destiny has a direct connection with your energy field, you will be raring to leave this ordinary country road and shift to a super highway. 

Understand a fact that your conscience is nothing but an enormous set of belief system that is deeply rooted in an area in your mind, called the critical mind. Your parents, your teachers, your guru’s, your friends, your country everything has influenced and has built up your belief system that resides in the critical mind. In all probabilities, greed, egoism, pride, envy, mercilessness, jealousy, sadism or even infidelity will fall in the negative or sinful emotions in an ordinary man’s conscience. This area is a sandwiched portion between your conscious and unconscious mind. So if you are engaged in inflicting pain and suffering to others or is engaged in playing shrewd worldly power games and you draw immense pleasure in exploiting another human, in all these actions the doer might behave ignorant or thick-skinned to his foul plays, but his actions cannot bypass his conscience, perhaps his actions will pass through his conscience in an unconscious state but his being will keep accumulating negative energy for every such deed he performs. The same holds true to a positive deed as well.


The physical body would emanate a negative energy only when the mind perceives an action as bad. So karma has to be understood from the deeper levels of your consciousness. A large part of your self is radiating energy through your unconscious conscience. Every act you do is preceded by your thought; your actions are just a by-product of your thoughts. Every thought that is created from your within, knowingly or unknowingly passes through your conscience. A Christian would relish and experience a great joy when he eats meat, his conscience does not categorize it as sinful, but if the same act is performed by a Jaina, he would die of guilt. Guilt without any exception will radiate a negative energy around you. This negative energy will slowly and steadily destroy your being and go on to make you completely vulnerable to any kind of external influence, be that a physical disease or a mental discomfort or even a psychological imbalance, your vulnerability is total. This is what your karma is, it is not limited to your actions, its consequence is rooted to ones thought. So you will find that if your have spend a large part of your life praying for your neighbours crop to wither and die, and if deep within you in your conscience, you are aware that this is a negative emotion that you are clinging to, in all possibilities the neighbours crop would be normal or better than ever, but the negative energy that your physical body has radiated will slowly and steadily destroy your being and sooner or later you will be a prey of your negative karma’s.

No medical science will be able to restore your energy shield. Negative energy body not only destroys your self, but it is on a rampage destroying or attempting to destroy every energy body that comes its way, the vice versa is also true. If your body radiates a positive energy wave, every body coming its way will be influenced by this positivity. This is the reason why you feel better when you are in the company of few and you feel worn out when in the company of a vast majority. A vast majority of the living ones are in a state of unconsciousness, they are unaware of their dark energy body around them. One has to rise above his current levels of simple survival and enter into a conscious living, revisit your inner self every moment to assess the quality of your energy. Only through your consciousness will you reap the goodness of your karma’s. 

Evolution, realization or even enlightenment can happen only when your inner self has grown to a level where only and only the positive energy emanates from your being. Take control over your thoughts, your thoughts are your creation, it is upto you to create a positive thought, no external source including your god can create it for you. Someone hurts you, immediately you feel revengeful, that very feeling of revenge will be unconsciously filtered by your being as a negative feeling and will result as a negative karma. Centuries ago, a majority of human population was very close to the animal kingdom, so it was imperative to explain karma as good and bad deeds, to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and justice. But once man has transcended to the higher levels of consciousness, it is easy to explain him what karma in reality means and that is exactly what this article intends to do.


So, for an individual to reap goodness in this life for his karma’s, one has to revisit ones conscience, renew his belief system and make it alive. One has to take control over his thoughts and visualize the result of his thought. Is it radiating positivity?  One has to awaken his sleeping conscience and make it absolutely conscious. If you are angry, it is OK to get angry, but the anger should be through your consciousness, if you are making wrong use of your authority or your power, that again is fine if you are aware of this ugly game you are a participant of. Through that consciousness you will never play that game for long, you will drop it, you will realize the futility of that game and only through such a consciousness will you be able to gift yourself with the possibility of realization in this life. 

Once the thoughts are purified, every action that results from such a kind of thought will carry purity along. If your thoughts are good, your karma has to be good. Have a one to one dialogue with your conscience, add peace, love, and compassion into the positive category of your deeds and add envy, anger, hatred, being judgemental into the negative category of your deeds, fill your being with thoughts from the positive category and transcend to higher levels of consciousness. Existence is fairly generous in its giving; existence gifts you with a fresh opportunity at every stage of your appearance on this planet. So it is definite that when one is born, existence offers you with the possibility of a fresh beginning irrespective of your past, a possibility to flower once again and develop a conscience that can make you a realized soul in this very life.

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The ultimate New year message – Embracing Death !!!

Last week after a training program on Individuality Development in Mumbai, one participant was curious to know if I could suggest some personal changes for him to experience a transformation in his life. These suggestions he said would be his New Year resolution.

Each time the New Year rolls around, millions of people around the globe are deeply involved in jotting their annual resolutions. Some have a dozen resolutions, some with a couple of resolutions. But my suggestion to this person for this New Year, and my message to each one of you this New Year is in simple terms just one resolution : To learn to accept and embrace death gracefully. The death which I mean is not the ultimate worldly physical death. I mean that we embrace smaller forms of the ultimate death every moment. Letting this death enter within you and cleanse you from within and from this death let a new being arise from you, let a new birth happen each moment. It is not a question of a physical death, nor is it concerned with a physical birth, but it is YOUR rebirth. You are going to be reborn. Now understand this that you will die in a certain sense and you will be born in a certain different sense. And this is possible if you learn and accept the art of dying every moment. Humanity has been living in misery for centuries together, since no teachings, no scriptures, no master ever emphasized on the magical experience of dying – Dying every moment.

The fundamental question to you is this: Why are we all afraid of death? Is it because death is the only unknown? The answer is a big YES. Though all of us are busy building edifices for a tomorrow, the truth about that tomorrow is that, it is unknown. This fear of the unknown is so deep rooted in our mind that we silently carry our yesterday into the tomorrow and try to cover this fear, the fear of the ultimate unknown’s. We all are carrying our yesterday into our tomorrow, coz we fear death and we fear to experience the divine feeling after death. That is what we have been doing for thousands of years now. We give continuity to our possessions, to our achievements, to our idiosyncrasies, to our jealousies, to our stupidities, to our memories, what ever we are, where ever we are, we carry them over from day to day. This has become the reason of our living, but this is also the reason why there is no dying. We all are clinging to the false, the false idea of continuing. If there is a continuation in anything, renewal is out of question. There can be renewal only when there is an ending. If you are the same tomorrow as you are today, how can there be renewal?

We want to continue with our worries, with our pleasures, with our memories, and so most of us are actually uncreative. There is no possibility of a rebirth, a renewal. Whereas, if each day we died, finished at the end of the day all our worries, all our jealousies, all our idiosyncrasies, all our hatred, our anger, our pride, our worldly achievements, if each day we came to an end and did not carry all that over into tomorrow, then there would be a possibility of renewal, then there would be a possibility of a rebirth, and this is my message for you this new is to die to be reborn each moment.

To experience the ultimate joy in living on this planet, one as to learn to die every moment and be reborn with a renewed spirit, a cleaner soul and a healthier mind. Everyday we experience death in a mild way; we die a short death each day. At night when you are in deep sleep, the mind is in complete rest, and that is a mild form of death. An experience offered to us by existence, but we are so deeply engulfed by the greed of worldly possessions that we fail to enjoy the tremendous freshness within us after this short death.

In reality, a vast majority of us are in the same race of accumulating. Not only accumulating worldly possessions, trophies, certificates, designations, degrees, houses, cars, furniture’s – but also accumulating ideas, words, memories, anger, revenge, frustration, grudges and stress. We want to continue with all these accumulations. A doctor cannot spell his name without a doctor word preceding his name. And he wants to continue with this EGO till the ultimate death engulfs him. But if we do not continue, there is be a possibility of a new understanding, a new opening. This is nothing magical; this is something that is of tremendous value, a great feeling of weightlessness can be enjoyed. Experiment with it yourself and you will see that an extraordinary thing takes place. Kill your EGO, your past achievements, your grudges, your past pains, kill everything. Give them death. If one actually experiments with this thing, really dying each day, each minute, to everything that one has accumulated, then there is a possibility of immortality.

Therefore, it is important to die every minute and to be reborn again – not as you were yesterday. This is really very important, because, in this there is a possibility of rebirth, a new creation, of transformation. And most of our lives are so unhappy because we don’t know how to renew; we are worn out, we are destroyed by yesterday, by yesterday’s memories, misfortunes, unhappiness, incidents, failures.

Yesterday burdens our minds and hearts, and with that burden we want to understand something which cannot be understood within the limits of time. Life can be transformed to Living – if we can drop this burden of yesterday. If you can learn and accept to drop your burden, to be hollow from within, to experience death of all accumulations, to ascend to the next level of consciousness – Life will become Living. This is not fantastic; this is not some mystical experience. One can experience this directly, simply, when one understands the whole significance of how the effect of continuity of accumulations prevents us from living.

Life is a celebration, Life is a Music, Life is a dance, Life is a mysterious game – but to experience it, you have to drop your yesterday and even your tomorrow and be living in this moment – Right here – Right now. By living life in the present, by inviting death every time you want to be reborn and In the end when the ultimate earthly death comes to us face to face, we may utter these words that perhaps might embarrass death too.

Itne pathoro ka saamna kiya hai humne, Ek pathar aur hi sahi
Itne mauth ki mithaas chakhi hai humne – Ek mauth aur hi sahi!!!

Compliments of the season to all and wish you all a Happy New year 2011.

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Embracing Adversities

While delivering a short keynote speech on positive thinking to the esteemed guests of a heritage club in Mumbai, a strong, commonly encountered question popped up from a middle aged lady – How do you think, we should face adversities in life?? Boldly she stood up to say few things about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to ever make it better and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as though one problem was solved a new one arose.

Remember the very basic fact that much of the sufferings and disturbance in life exists in our society today, because of the deep rooted wrong conditioning that the society has gifted you with. We are taught to look at adversity from a negative view point and so is anger, darkness, failure etc. We have been taught to outsource our adversities to religious priests and deities. All religious priests have been harvesting a fortune with this word – “Adversity” for centuries together. They ultimately end up successfully convincing you that it is gods test. And to make matter worse, some of the so called godly priests will brutally extract all your life’s earnings to offer prayers, pooja etc and to help you pass through god’s rigorous tests. All religions had to teach humanity to attribute adversity or failures or difficulties as a sign of gods rage or god’s test, coz that was the only way to keep the religion alive and continuing. However there was nothing wrong in their approach, coz if they teach you how to face the hardships that life presents us with, they would be out of business. So it was needed to make you feel weak, tired, suicidal when calamities struck us and completely indoctrinate our body and mind to surrender to an external unknown, unfelt, some unimaginable source. Through this weak mind we are conditioned to accept the fact that these deities, these priests would directly communicate with the divine and undo the curse or trim down the harshness of the tests.

However in this age of intellectual proliferation, a logical mind will definitely accept that if we can live life just as nature does and develop within us, the art of accepting the opposites, life will never be in pain, life will never be looked upon negatively, life will seem to be a bliss, perhaps with few speed breakers on this long blissful journey. Understand that Life exists coz death exists, then why do we hate death?? Light exists only because darkness exists, then why do we hate darkness? Life and Death, Happiness and Sadness, Love and Hate, Anger and silence are not opposites. They complement each other.  They are two aspects of the same coin. The very understanding that one neither should be attached to the good, nor should one get detached from the bad will initiate a tremendous transformation to the self. The beauty of the rising sun can be felt, can be experienced only when the darkness was preceding it. Sufferings, Pain, difficulties are all bound to come and so is happiness, ecstasy, joy and celebration. But we get so deeply attached to adversities, we get so deeply identified with adversities, that when happiness arrives, we still are weeping over the past sufferings and we miss living, we miss life. Only a man who has matured greatly and risen to a higher level of consciousness can have the courage to proclaim that be it sorrow or joy – I will face it, I will embrace it and experience life, coz every adversity will only make you more stronger, more open to face challenges and bring you more closer to the reality of life.

One day Alfred Russell Wallace a famous botanist was observing a butterfly struggling through the life and death adversity of escaping its cocoon. He tried assisting the butterfly to exit the cocoon with ease. He took a knife and made an incision across the length of the cocoon. The butterfly emerged from the cocoon much quicker than otherwise, spread its wings, but within few seconds touched the ground and died. In the process of emerging out of the cocoon, the butterfly did not have to encounter any adversity. The initial struggle was eased, but that ease was fatal. Through the struggle, the butterfly would have grown in strength. Since it failed to struggle and grow, it did not have the strength necessary to survive.

Am reminded of a story that will perhaps change your current state of life, of being a slave of the past adversities or having the dread of facing the reality.

King Solomon, the son of David was gifted with great wisdom by GOD. One day Solomon decided to humble Benaiah – one his most trusted minister. He said to him, “Benaiah, there is a certain ring that I want you to bring to me. I wish to wear it for Sukkot which gives you six months to find it.” Benaiah said to Solomon instantly, that if such a type of ring ever exists anywhere on earth, I will find it and bring it to you – your majesty. However what makes that ring so special, asked Benaiah. It has magic powers,” answered Solomon. If a happy man looks at it, he becomes sad, and if a sad man looks at it, he becomes happy. Solomon knew that no such ring existed in the world, but he wished to give his minister a little taste of humility. Spring passed and then summer and still Benaiah had no idea where he could find the ring. On the night before Sukkot, he decided to take a walk in one of the poorest quarters of Jerusalem. He passed by a merchant who had begun to set out the day’s wares on a shabby carpet. “Have you by any chance heard of a magic ring that makes the happy wearer forget his joy and the broken-hearted wearer forgets his sorrows? asked Benaiah. He watched the grandfather take a plain gold ring from his carpet and engrave something on it. When Benaiah read the words on the ring, his face broke out in a wide smile. The next day in the kings court Solomon asked Benaiah “Well, my friend, have you found what I sent you after? All the ministers laughed and Solomon himself smiled. To everyone’s surprise, Benaiah held up a small gold ring and declared, “Here it is, your majesty!” As soon as Solomon read the inscription, the smile vanished from his face. The jeweller had written three Hebrew letters on the gold band: “Gimel, Zayin, Yud”, which meant — “This too shall pass.”

At that moment Solomon realized that all his wisdom and fabulous wealth and tremendous power were but fleeting things, for one day he would be nothing but dust.

Every mountain has a valley, every night is followed by a day, every joy will fade and sorrow will replace it, all riches, all power, all designations, all wealth will be replaced by their complementary. But one thing we fail to understand and accept is that nothing is permanent. If it is good times – This too shall pass. If it is an adversity time – This too shall pass. Accept every moment of life with grace, with a deep thankfulness, coz only the adversities will make your being more stronger, more adaptable, more challengeful and more vigorous for a complete life. Try becoming a witness to all your happiness and all your sorrows, coz all happiness will come and go, all sorrows will come and go. Don’t get identified with them, just be a witness and experience the beauty of life. Embrace all adversities with grace, only adversities could give enough strength to the butterfly to take its flight into the vast – Only then can life be fuller and complete.

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Boredom – Renounce or Let Remain ??

How many times in life, whether at work or at home, have you said or thought to yourself, “I’m bored”. I have encountered thousands of individuals in my life who has shot this question in different forms to me, on how to overcome boredom.

For more than a century now, psychologists have been trying to study and understand boredom. They even devised a boredom measuring scale and ultimately passively concluded that boredom happens when a person develops a feeling of lack of purpose in life. One of the most renowned psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud theorized that boredom was the result of repressed emotions. Thousands of psychologists, writers, motivational speakers would have addressed this topic in their typically complex ways, but very few have touched the roots of boredom from the human mind perspective.

Boredom and Chaos are closely associated with each other. When we say we are bored, a kind of mild chaotic situation exists within us. We tend to move away from the boredom creator. When we sit in a class where the professor is happily showering boredom through his lectures, there is an instant conflict between the body and the mind. The body says, let’s leave, and let’s get off from here. But the mind pacifies this urge and tries to convince the body that we are cultured and civilized, so we have to abide by the social protocols. The body is more rustic, more audacious, and wilder. The mind is more plastic, more conditioned. The masks we wear are working exceptionally well. Inside we might feel like suffocating that professor to death, but the masks emanates a sparkling smile on the face and every emotion is hidden behind. Chaos creeps into our life when we lose passion. Chaos cannot appear to a passionate person, I mean a passionate man cannot be bored. Observe people around you, look at their faces, they look tired, dull, bored. That’s coz humanity has lost the divine contact with passion. If you are passionate about things that you do, this word boredom will be archived. But every child, every man, every woman is doing things they are not passionate about. A man who is passionate about music is treating patients in a hospital as a doctor. A child who is passionate about art, is being taught derivatives and integration for him to become an engineer. The whole humanity is in boredom, coz your teachers, your parents, your priests and well wishers all have been making you to chase their passion, their likes, their aspirations. So you are simply trying to mechanically satisfy someone else’s passion. And that’s where the roots of boredom have got strength from. We all are wearing multiple plastic masks of happiness, of contentment, of pride on our faces, but inside, we are all living with a deep regret, a great sorrow for not being able to live our passion. And that is the truth.

Eklavya was one of the greatest archers the earth has ever seen. An Eklavya cannot be bored, coz he is passionate about archery, his life is archery, how can you bore him?? All passionate beings have risen to a higher level of consciousness. A Picasso, A Mozart, A Tansen, A Sachin Tendulkar – They cannot get bored. Their passion for art, for music, for sports reigned supreme. Do things that you are passionate about, and you will experience life, you will experience living. Be passionate about your work, you friends, your family, and your hobbies – anything that you do. Keeping the lamp of passion lit inside you is the challenge. We do get passionate occasionally, everyone becomes passionate at one point of their life, but that’s not the point. The point is the length of your passion, the period of time you keep that fire alive. Look at any relationship, be that friendship or love or marriage. The beginning is terrific, you don’t get bored a single moment in that relationship, but once the relationship is experienced completely, once you have explored everything, boredom creeps into that relationship. Boredom appears from the back door, coz the fire of passion in that relationship dies. Now you don’t find anything new in your friend, your lover, your wife, so you say – I am bored in this relationship. The passion to explore, to feel, to experience has died and hence there is a need of friendship clubsdating and so many nonsense things. But this fresh passion also dies. Then they have to visit another website or dating for married and so on.

Boredom only happens to Humans, trees don’t get bored, mountains don’t get bored, animals never get bored. Have you ever seen a bored cow or a bored pigeon?? No, they don’t, infact only Man can get bored. He gets bored because he has a mind, a consciousness, an awareness. Only a sensitive mind can get bored. The sensitive mind is high in consciousness; a great energy of awareness exists within a sensitive human. That energy does not like to remain still or idle. A dull or a mediocre mind never gets bored. The alertness is absent, the awareness is faint, so the mediocre mind simply exists, simply vegetates. It simply accepts whatever is happening and remains non responsive. So the more sensitive you are, the more bored you tend to become. Boredom does not exist in animals, but boredom also does not exist in the higher level of consciousness. You cannot bore a Mahavira or a Buddha or a Lao Tzu. They are above human consciousness. So boredom happens to the ones who are midway. The ones who are slightly above the animal nature. People who continuously drink, party, marry, be a part in friendship clubs etc don’t get bored. Their life is very animal like, non sensitive, without any growth of the consciousness.

Many opine that boredom happens when there is repetitiveness in life. They say life is in repetition. A set routine exists. The same House, the same bed, the same waking time, the same wife, the same office, the same people, the same work load and so on. So we claim that repetitiveness is boring. But the fact is that only a man away from nature can claim that he is bored. Nothing in nature is in repetition. It is the mediocre mind that reports that situations are repetitive. The sun rises everyday, the sun sets everyday, but they never repeat. The sun rise is different everyday, the time is different, the sky is different, and the clouds are different. Everything in nature is without repetition. You find things repetitive coz you carry loads of your past and your eyes report everything from this past experiential filter. Now to add to this problem, we try and bring change in our lives. We buy a new house, a new car, we divorce the old wife, we find a new love affair exciting, but the hardcore truth is that all these new things will also become old as time goes by and the same misery will happen again and again. You see your wife everyday; you have been seeing her for years now, so you don’t see the need to see her closely. But she has been changing everyday, new expressions, new reactions, new moods, so much of newness is available, but the mediocre mind misses this newness. If you close a man’s or a woman’s eyes and run their hands on their partners face in a dark room and ask him to identify the face, surely they will fail to identify that face. You have been living with that person for years, but you failed to see those sparkle in the eyes, you never felt it important to touch that face and you missed the opportunity. Remember one thing – Nothing is old, your eyes are old, you eyes fail to recognize the newness.It is conditioned to see life in fixed patterns. Freud was right in a way when he said – boredom is a result of repressed emotions. Boredom is from you, your suppressed emotions; you dead eyes, your dull mind, your whole being that has conditioned its sight in a set pattern. Your expectations from others are fixed, very crude. You reach home and you expect your wife to behave in a fixed pattern. Your husband is expected to react and behave in a fixed way. Where will the newness come from? Your mind is already fixed and you are asking for new. Your readiness for the surprises, for the newness is void. We are not living life; we are living a life of puppets. Our world is a puppet lab, simply confined to fixed expectations.

To live life to the fullest, to say a goodbye to boredom from our lives – simply live more naturally, more truthfully. Drop all those masks; they are a burden we carry. Indulge and experience all your passion, life is too short to be wasted with these masks. Let your true life be lived. Yes, it might be difficult, a little adventurous, but that difficulty will be worth facing, worth experiencing. That difficulty will make you more authentic, more real, more mature, and more aware. You will now be able to look at life through fresh eyes, all newness can be seen, your eyes will crave to explore, to touch, and to feel everything now. Life will be a new discovery, living will become a delight now, an infinite satisfaction becomes your associate now, you rise to a higher level of conscious living and you forget that word BOREDOM for ever.

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